Farewell, sweet chai latte

12711154_10156695525910647_6714666792889455448_oI have never given up anything for Lent. I’ve been active in various churches my entire life, and I consider myself a fairly religious person, but I have never given up anything for Lent. That’s probably because I grew up (and am still a part of) the United Methodist Church. I love my church – don’t get me wrong – but Methodists are not known for their great demonstrations of devotion to their faith, like fasting or giving up things for Lent.

For some reason, this year, I’ve decided to participate in this tradition. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because lately, I’ve felt as if I’ve lost control of some of my willpower. I used to be pretty proud of my ability to “stay strong” when confronted with temptation. It seems though, ever since I’ve been a stay at home mama, that willpower has gone out the window.

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