Guerrilla Fitness, part 2

IMG_0529Think of it as the fitness version of guerrilla marketing – finding unconventional ways to work fitness into your daily routine in order to reach your fitness goals. In this series, I’ll share a variety of ways I’ve found to work fitness back into my daily routine, even with my littles running around!

The Workout-Where-And-When-You-Can Game

Think of this like a SAHM’s drinking game, without the drinking (until the babies are in bed, that is!). A SAHM’s day can be very monotonous, with multiple diaper changes, toddlers questioning everything you say with “why,” and the never ending piles of laundry. Why not turn your everyday tasks into a way to work in a little fitness? Examples can include:

  • 10 squats for every missing sock discovered while folding laundry
  • 20 calf raises every time your toddler demands “more juice!” (without saying “please,” of course)
  • 1 burpee for every toy you pick up during naptime
  • hold a plank while your toddler “works out” her tantrum in time outBabies Make Great Sit Up Weights

The possibilities are endless!

Check out this mom – she’s got the SAHM guerrilla fitness thing going on!