I’m back…

…although I didn’t really go anywhere!

Sometimes, it seems like normal life-things can get in the way of things you’re wanting to do. (You know, like blogging.) I really need to try to manage my time a little better so I can include writing into my weekly “successes.”

Anyway, this week I became very discouraged with myself and my time management skills. (Or, lack thereof.) Namely, I’m pretty disappointed in the time I’ve been devoting to my own personal fitness journey. I wasn’t able to get my training on track, so I decided to forgo running in the Columbus Half-Marathon this season (not to mention, I just couldn’t afford the high-priced entry fee!). I’ve been super, SUPER bummed about this decision, but I know it was the best thing for me this year.


After a visit to my doctor for a work physical, as well as viewing some pictures some other folks had taken of me, it really hit me hard that I am not devoting enough time to my own fitness and I’m showing it physically. My son started preschool at the beginning of September, so I’ve really been struggling with getting a new daily schedule together that includes me working out for myself, rather than just going to the classes I’m teaching. I love, LOVE teaching my fitness classes, but the truth is, when I teach, it is NOT my workout. Sure, I’m demonstrating all the moves and even participating with the other folks for the majority of the class, but I’m not focused on my own form, my own breathing, my own intensity like I would be if I were taking the class.

I’m trying to rededicate myself to my own fitness. If I’m going to be an extraordinary teacher, I need to be in EXCELLENT shape, not just GOOD shape. Yesterday, I went back into my folder of workouts and pulled out a great one – weighted squats using a pilates ball, 3-way weighted lunges, push-ups, and seated shoulder presses. I also included some extra jumping jacks, squats, and a 14-minute Bowflex Max workout for cardio, and some heel slides and knee drops for core work/diastasis recti rehab. (I’ve been slacking on that, too. Grrr…)

Today I did a LOT of walking. Tomorrow, I’ll be back in my home gym with a TRX workout and some more cardio.

Next week is going to include lots more strength training, and some running. And hopefully more blogging.


Living with DR…part 2

I’m back to report on the progress of healing my diastasis recti. (In case you missed it, here’s part one.) What I am discovering is this is a slow, slow process, that doesn’t just involve doing some special exercises. I’m pretty frustrated that I’m not seeing more progress (progress photos are at the bottom of the post), but I also don’t think I’m working as hard as I could be.pencil-drawing-416438_640

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Guerrilla Fitness, part 2

IMG_0529Think of it as the fitness version of guerrilla marketing – finding unconventional ways to work fitness into your daily routine in order to reach your fitness goals. In this series, I’ll share a variety of ways I’ve found to work fitness back into my daily routine, even with my littles running around!

The Workout-Where-And-When-You-Can Game

Think of this like a SAHM’s drinking game, without the drinking (until the babies are in bed, that is!). A SAHM’s day can be very monotonous, with multiple diaper changes, toddlers questioning everything you say with “why,” and the never ending piles of laundry. Why not turn your everyday tasks into a way to work in a little fitness? Examples can include:

  • 10 squats for every missing sock discovered while folding laundry
  • 20 calf raises every time your toddler demands “more juice!” (without saying “please,” of course)
  • 1 burpee for every toy you pick up during naptime
  • hold a plank while your toddler “works out” her tantrum in time outBabies Make Great Sit Up Weights

The possibilities are endless!

Check out this mom – she’s got the SAHM guerrilla fitness thing going on!

Guerrilla Fitness

Or, how a SAHM works on her fitness.

push-ups-888024_640In my pre-baby life, I was a self-proclaimed gym rat. I spent anywhere from 10-12 hours a week lifting weights, training for races, blowing off steam…and I loved it. The gym was my happy place. If I had something going on in the evening, I’d get up at 4:30am and do my workout in the morning. Sometimes I’d get up and run 4-5 miles in the morning, then go to the gym after work and lift for another 30 minutes. And, I kept this “pace” throughout most of my first pregnancy.

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5 Minutes to Fit

IMG_9813One of the most difficult things I found when I became a SAHM was finding time to workout. It became something I really felt like I needed – there was a noticeable difference in my demeanor on days when I was able to workout versus days when I couldn’t find the time. With this in mind, I put together this 5-minute-a-day workout program. Don’t get too excited…5 minutes a day will NOT get you ripped. But, if you’re struggling with finding time or motivation to exercise, working in a little bit of physical activity everyday just may be enough to get your body revved up and ready to tackle an even bigger workout regimen.

What are you waiting for? Download the 31-day challenge here.