Living with DR…part 2

I’m back to report on the progress of healing my diastasis recti. (In case you missed it, here’s part one.) What I am discovering is this is a slow, slow process, that doesn’t just involve doing some special exercises. I’m pretty frustrated that I’m not seeing more progress (progress photos are at the bottom of the post), but I also don’t think I’m working as hard as I could be.pencil-drawing-416438_640

I’ve got to make some pretty significant changes to some of the little things I do everyday. Things like how I stand while holding my 15 month old and how I choose to sit while I am relaxing during the day. Kudos to this post for opening my eyes to how I may be hindering the healing of my DR with some of the things I’m doing on a daily basis.

For the past 2-1/2 weeks I’ve been loosely following this exercise plan for healing DR. I haven’t been following it day-by-day, but rather using it as more of a guide to what exercises are safe and appropriate for me to do at this stage. The exercises I’ve decided to really concentrate on are featured on this athlete’s blog. They seem like very simple exercises (I mean, how hard do you have to work to be on your hands and knees and raise up an arm and a leg at the same time, right? HA!), but I can really tell that they are working those deep abdominal muscles (transverse abdominus) which are ultimately going to help the healing progress.

My weight (for me) is still an issue, and I think once I start to address that a little more, I may start to see some more progress on my midsection. My “action items” for the next couple of weeks are:

  • Rain or shine, I will complete 3 DR appropriate exercises 3x/day! Seriously, rain is not an excuse in this case. 😉
  • Stop sharing food with my kids! In an effort to save time/food, I’ve been fixing one big plate of food for my kids and I to share. I think this is probably contributing to my  weight loss stalling. I’m sure I’m overeating, because whatever they don’t eat, I tend to finish off. As of now, I am fixing all of us our own plates for meals – even my 15-month-old gets her own plate!
  • Up my lifting game. I know from firsthand experience, when my muscle tone is high, my metabolism is pretty d@mn fast. I haven’t really been concentrating on my strength training lately, but that’s changing, as I am adding 3 strength training days to my weekly schedule.
  • Wear my new splint! So…I broke my Squeem splint. I blame my terrible sitting posture. I managed to totally snap some of the boning in it, and now said broken boning is stabbing me in my side, making it VERY uncomfortable to wear and causing bruising on my side. I ordered a new splint from The Tummy Team. It should arrive this week – I can’t wait!
  • Keep better track of my diet. My diet isn’t the greatest. I have some issues with textures that make it difficult to eat a lot of healthy food. But, when I apply myself, I can be very meticulous about keeping track of my calories and macros, so I need to get back into the habit of doing that. I know my body will do much better on a higher protein diet.

That’s where I am today. Not a lot of progress, I’m sad to say. Still at 2.5 finger width when I do the DR test. But, I’m still working, and hopefully with my new gameplan, I’ll be able to report more progress next time!

Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for…my PIP (progress in pictures):IMG_1237


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